October 18, 2020

Terracotta Hotel & Resort – Da Lat – Vietnam

Terracotta Hotel & Resort – Da Lat – Vietnam Được Xuất Bản Bởi Flycam 4K – Tháng 12 Năm 2015.
Nghiêm Cấm Sao Chép Dưới Mọi Hình Thức.

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About Terracotta Hotel & Resort Dalat

Located on a precise location, surrounded by pine forest, overlooking the shores of the clear and gentle Tuyen Lam lake, Terracotta Hotel & Resort can be a suggestion for a romantic holiday among friends and relatives. It only takes 10 minutes by car to Da Lat City, at Terracotta Hotel & Resort, you will have the opportunity to experience Da Lat which is a romantic but not without comfort, elegance and modernity.
On the shores of Tuyen Lam Lake – a famous scenic spot of Da Lat, Terracotta Hotel & Resort dimly looms in the morning mist as a resort of class and luxury. The Western design of Terracotta is in harmony with the nature, covered by green foliage. It makes the resort a quite unique structure.
Terracotta Resort fits into the 17-hectare peninsula. The resort consists of 240 rooms and 21 villas along the lakesides. In addition to 4 star services, the interior space of each type of room and villa is arranged harmoniously and impressively, adorned by famous artworks of well-known photographers and painters.
From the rooms, guests have a panoramic view of the pine forest, the flower garden or the beautiful landscape of Tuyen Lam Lake. On the winding paths along the slopes of the hill, weaved into the towering forest, visitors will contemplate the colorful flower garden – anthurium, carnation, cherry blossom… that are planted alternatingly. They are blooming amidst gentle sunlight and fresh air. Here and there, small animals or giant mushrooms made out of ceramic seem to make the landscape of pine forest more vivid.
Visitors not only breath the sweet air, watch tender nature furnished with greenery, added by the rhythm of untold colors surrounding the lake, they also listen to natural sounds, the rustling of leaves or the swaying of flowers and touch the grass and cherish beautiful petals. In addition, visitors are invited to the lavish banquet of local tastes, made by professionalism and thoughtfulness.
With a capacity of over 400 guests, the Conference Centre at Terracotta Hotel & Resort Da Lat is the ideal place for the meeting and the organization of important events or entertainment events. Besides, visitors can make full use of facilities such as the entertainment complex for children, the indoor heated pool and spa, the modern gym…
Terracotta is an ideal destination for those who love nature, and wish for a true and smart resort.

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  • Đã ở đây 3 đêm.Khách sạn có view đẹp.Ra trung tâm gần. Đồ ăn sáng ổn.Nhân viên hầu hết thân thiện (trừ mấy cô nhân viên ở quầy lễ tân)
    Có một điểm trừ là dịch vụ giặt là giá khá chát

  • dont be fooled. it is a shit hotel, messy, very ugly service. especially the so called director at the reception (mr dung). quite far from city and any facility. only one restaurant with a very limited options (which belongs to hotel) and 4 times higher charge than any other restaurant in dalat city. carpets too dirty, windows glasses probably never cleaned before. and room is cold, even in summer time. hotel never worths what you pay for, quite expensive. there is a free shuttle bus to city center once a day, if you miss it, have to take taxi which takes 30 mins and minimum 20$ plus return 20$. this is my personal experience when i stayed with my family in last summer. I m living in vietnam for 10 years, never seen such poor hospitality.

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