July 19, 2021

How To Create Facebook Cover Videos Using Premiere Pro CC

❗ Save time and download the Adobe Export Preset here:
Facebook Pages can now use COVER VIDEOS and today I’m going to show you how to create them using Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial I cover:
💻 The EXACT resolution that you should use to make your Facebook Page Cover Videos look their best.
❓ Every video editing step from beginning to end in Adobe Premiere.
🤓 All the video export settings that I use to create Facebook Page Cover videos in as high of quality as possible.

Don’t have Premiere Pro?! Download a free trial at:

Watch my other Export Settings videos:
– 4K Export Settings:
– 1080p Export Settings:
– Instagram Export Settings:

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  • You can download my Facebook Cover Video Export Preset here if you wanna save some time: https://go.whoismatt.com/facebookcovervideopreset/

  • Follow all directions but upon uploading to Facebook, video is blurry. Have my FB settings to play video HD when available.

  • Thank you immensely for sharing your intricate knowledge of all the involved settings because I know how to use Production Premium but there's sooooooooo many settings across all their products PLUS end platform requirements – and you cleared up everything! You rock!

  • Hi Matt, anything changed since this video? Trying this exact settings and quality on FB is AWFUL, blurry and pixelated. I am using the last Premiere Pro version. Source video is 1080p.

  • Greet video! I'm new to this so it's verry welkom. Can you please make a video off the best export settings for a normal video on Facebook and Instagram. 1080x1080px , 1080x1350px or 1080x1920px

  • Thanks .. you made things look easier.. i like watching your videos they are the best for learning premiere..and your voice is very clear for foreigners whose English is not their mother language

  • I got a little problem. I created the video in AE and when I export it is really low quality, and I imported with a dynamic link the AE project and created the custom fb size but still low res. Any ideas ?

  • Matt, my FB page does not have the upload video option and my FB page does not look like yours. what FB page are you using….. business account maybe. Anyway, in forums nobody seems to have a clue. Help needed buddy…just wasted 2 hours pulling my hair out

  • My video looks great on my pc, as a Facebook cover it looks like 144p. I followed the directions, can anyone help?

  • Your the best Matt! Thanks. You give the best tutorials! Detailed and to the point without all the crazy I get throughout Youtube.

  • txs Matt. Really helped me! Love the tip about the first frame becoming the first thumb that fb offers….I just had to make sure it was not too short in duration on the timeline otherwise FB did not offer that as a thumbnail….Mike

  • Thank you man! it works perfectly on the Facebook page for PC… but when i go to the mobile app, it cuts the video, unfortunately. does anybody knows if the 820 x 462 will fit the mobile version?

  • Hey Matt! Great tutorial! I've created a video for my https://facebook.com/MCurtisMcCoy/ page & think it turned out great but Facebook shows an error saying the video cannot be uploaded. – https://youtu.be/7W4lq9DIjC8 –

    1.) I've tried with 820 x 312 pixels as well as 820 x 462 pixels.
    2.) I've shortened the video to exactly 89 seconds (1:29).

    Any idea why I get an error? Thanks Matt! Great tutorial man!!!

  • I just read the FB cover video specs, and had a million questions. You answered every one – just what I was looking for – thanks!

  • Thank you very much Matt. Learnt how to make a video for fb. Wasted a lot of time looking around. Great video. Keep it up.

  • I followed everything exactly, but when I upload it and publish it, it's the worst quality ever. If I watch the video by itself, it looks great, and if I click the video and watch it, it looks great, but just watching it play there (even more so on a phone for some reason) it looks awful.

  • Yo bro this was really helpful. I also follow you on one of my other channel. Keep it up. And thanks always for the tip.

  • Hi Matt. I have a video to upload to my Facebook profile cover but it only allows photos not videos. Have I misunderstood your tutorial

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