October 18, 2020

GIGABYTE 100 Series – Windows 7 USB Installation Tool

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In order to install Windows 7 from a USB tool on a 100 series motherboard based PC, you must have the appropriate drivers.
Here is the “How to Guide” on how to use the Windows 7 Installation USB Utility that will help you include the drivers to successfully install Windows 7 on your new 100 series based PC.

To download the utility:
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For more information about GIGABYTE 100 Series motherboards:

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  • No me funciona, la instalación del sistema va muy rápido y en un porcentaje temprano de instalación tira pantallazo azúl que arruina lo poco instalado.

    Mi motherboard es una A320m s2h, lamentablemente este sistema operativo no debe ser ni un poco compatible con esta placa madre.

  • i have a gigabyte installed compatible only in 6th-7th gen.I was upgrade my units to 8th gen and I was tried to downgrade to windows 7 but it is not work. The USB ports of the unit are blocked when windows 7 OS booting. I need some help on how to downgrade 8th gen to windows 7. Thanks

  • If you get the "failed to add drivers to an offline windows image" error then the most likely cause is you are using Windows 7. I tried using this program on a computer running Windows 7 and had the error. I switched to one running Windows 10 and had no issues. I do not know if a Windows 8 machine will work or not.

    Why should you be able to use Win 7 to make a Win 7 install disk when using Win 10 to make a Win 7 install disk so you can avoid installing Win 10 makes perfect sense.

  • вот 100% рабочий метод. Работает в любом случае

  • Okay I figured my problem out but now the tool wont work and won't let me delete it either, not real happy with Gigabyte right now

  • JUst loaded a known good ISO onto a thumb drive, clean Thumb drive in front USB slot, it won't let me navigate to the ISO on thumb drive, ZERO success with loading from disk.

  • Thrice I've tried with the same result each time, Different thumb drives and even an SD card and it keeps telling me F… Off!

  • I tried to use your method to install windows 7 but windows 7 is not loading at all . it just stop with the logo and the same pendrive is working in other PC. Kindly Help if any changes have to made in BIOS?

  • How do I install, Windows 7 on the H310-M S2P Motherboard?

    I'm not getting !

    Como eu instalo, Windows 7 na Placa mãe H310-M S2P ?

    Não estou conseguindo !

  • I buy GIGABYTE z390 AOURS pro …still problem with USB drivers when I try install windows Wors motherboard I even got Never again GIGABYTE ….never

  • Thanks for this, but sadly your tool keeps telling me "Failed to add drivers to an Offline Windows Image"
    And i tried so many different ways of trying to get work.

  • For those looking for a solution to the Gigabyte tool failing while
    trying to add drivers to Win7 bootable flash drive on a Ryzen5 machine,
    this worked for me:
    Open the location containing the Gigabyte USB
    tool. Right click on each file and select "Properties", then click
    "Unblock". You have to open each folder and do EVERY file! Takes about
    30 minutes and then the tool works. It took me a month to find this info
    in a blog post. Hopefully this will save someone what I went
    through.And by the way, Gigabyte e-support is useless! Their reply to my
    ticket saying the tool fails ( I included a screenshot showing that),
    was that the tool works. Pityful!
    My System info:
    Mobo: Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI
     Video Card: AORUS Radeon RX580 8G
    Chip: Ryzen5 2600 OS: Win 7 64-bit SP 1 DVD
    Ram: 16gb Corsair CMK16GX4M2B
    HD: 500gb Samsung EVO SSD

  • “Here’s how to set up your computer. Step 1: have an already working computer to fix the drivers”

  • Bom dia… Fiz todo procedimento… Na Ana hora de por o nome no PC o teclado e mouse não funcionam.

  • I just bought a H310MH motherboard ,i created the bootable usb and plugged it in ,once my windows installation loads, my mouse and keyboard stops working, and i cannot proceed further , i am stuck and cant install anything. PLEASE HELP

  • After copy win7 do i need to change the bios of gigabytes or plug in my copy usb drive win 7 and normal run

  • Mera gigabyte ultra durable claaaic 4 Lan drivers install kaise karu. Please help me sir motherboard cd nahi hai

  • 3.35 seconds in….so once you have installed the app???????????????? where from?????? no mention of….found it after a while and a file is missing…..10 days later?????

  • when it comes down to it. Why dont you manufacturers just make your products work with previuos windows??????. We are not all so missing out in real life outdoors away from a pc that we want to upgrade ( backwards downgrade and lose use or previuose programms, cameras and printers now with no drivers ) and upgrade every 12 months or indeed spend anopther £500 on another defucnt pc
    ????????????????????????? WHY WHY WHY??????????????????? All this shit you cause people that have a days work to get on with and nothing works…..what a heap of crap!!!!!

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